Everyday I do my part for the world.

This is the stimulus that drives the MYDO.WORLD project: to reinterpret the concept of sustainability and make it the goal of an authentic, conscious and responsible lifestyle.

Collections in precious, natural and organic fabrics that dress the table, linen, clothing and the bathroom in the name of an investment that lasts over time; hemp, cotton, linen but also nettle, bamboo and fibers that derive from algae for an offer whose fundamental element is knowledge.

MYDO.WORLD was born with a keen eye on the supply chain, as required by modern ethics, with the awareness of the complete path, from the raw material to what will happen when they are no longer needed.

Virtuous entrepreneurial paths have found their point of convergence in the desire to offer responsibly created products, the result of in-depth research from agriculture to sharpening, from weaving to packaging. Garments that embrace the concept of comfort and usability, suitable for any occasion and that return to nature without contaminating it as they are entirely biodegradable.

A will that runs counter to what is the prevailing habit of fast fashion: a wardrobe is sustainable when it is composed of good quality fabrics destined to last over time, which invite you to buy less but better, also educating the new generations to invest in a item of clothing considering it a broader gesture of love.

Buying quality and consuming less, this is the MYDO.WORLD philosophy.